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(10/23/20) Vorkath Revamp, More CoX Changes & More

Hello everyone! I have another exciting update for you all today. This one again will focus on boss changes, as promised for the month of October!

Reminder: Today is the last day that Twisted Bow, Scythe of Vitur, and Ghrazi Rapier will be available to purchase in the donator store. Also, the Halloween Events end in less than 9 days!



  • All of Vorkaths special attacks have been revamped and he is now working about 99% to osrs!
  • Zombified spawn now has the correct timer between the last time it was used
  • Zombified spawn should no longer one shot you
  • Quickfire attack will no longer bug out and endlessly shoot at you, also dealing no damage
  • Vorkath will guarenteed drop Vorkath's Head on the 50th kill
  • Vorkath has been added as a boss slayer task, as well as to all blue dragon slayer tasks
  • All of the items on Vorkaths drop table have received updated prices to match osrs GE prices, so you may now make profit by selling all drops to the general store if need be

Other Changes

  • Fixed Lizardman Shamans (CoX) jump attack occurring again immediately after he lands from the previous one
  • Made the Shamans jump attack last 1 tick longer in order to match more closely with osrs mechanics and make it easier to dodge the attack
  • Added Lizardman Shaman (CoX) 'spawns' special attack
    • 5% chance of this special attack happening
    • Player will have about 2 seconds to dodge the spawns before they explode and deal unavoidable damage
  • Skeletal Mystics (CoX) now use the same attacks as osrs, which should make this room slightly easier to clear, especially solo
    • If players are praying protect from magic, it will reduce the damage dealt by 1/2
  • Lowered price of mithril seeds to 25k
  • Added the rest of Konars slayer tasks, as before it was only giving Abyssal Demon tasks
  • HCIM can now sell items to the ironman store
  • Ancient staff and blue mystic robes added to the ironman store


Hope you all enjoy this update! Another will be coming early next week with more boss fixes before closing out the month of October!

(10/19/20) CoX Rework, Bug Fixes & More

Hello everyone! This is a hefty sized update so make sure you read all the way to the bottom to check out all of the changes and fixes, lots of good stuff in this one so let's hop right in!


Chambers of Xeric Changes (Part 1, more to come)

  • Waiting room timer lowered from 60 seconds down to 30 seconds
  • Removed all of Skeletal Mystics random item drops and replaced with guaranteed sharks
  • Fixed an issue with running into Muttadile room and having to click on him multiple times while trying to initiate attack
  • Ice demon room now requires the braziers to be lit in order to attack him
    • Ice demons barrage freeze timer lowered from 8 seconds down to 4 seconds
  • Lizardman Shaman self healing mechanic has been removed
    • Shaman "leaping" mechanic has been added and works similar to OSRS, where you will be able to dodge the attack
    • Fixed the Shamans default ranged attack projectile to match OSRS

Other Fixes & Changes

  • Necklace of Anguish added to the donator store
  • The Grim Reaper has been fixed and is now attackable again (apologies for the delay on this one)
  • Removed most (that I could find) grimy herbs being announced as a rare drop
  • Added the dragon knife special attack, works as intended similar to OSRS
  • Tweaked range damage formula to be more accurate for lower end (i.e. rune knives) and higher end items
  • Fixed Doric's head in the chat dialogue showing up as a weird demonic looking object, rather than a face
  • Ironmen can now correctly purchase items from the PkP store
  • Added an all new Flower Poker arena! You can travel there by using ::fp, complete with 4 different stations to gamble, as well as bank booths
  • Nerfed the Trident of the Seas, as it was way too overpowered
  • Removed the 1gp rare drop from Vorkath
  • Severely nerfed the amount of time it takes to fully mine the shooting star. This will gradually go back up with the more players we get
  • Completely removed the RFD minigame. All RFD gloves have been added to Zekes combat store, as well as the Ironman supplies store
  • Mage arena minigame no longer requires 60 slayer to attack Kolodion
  • Dragon Hunter Lance now has the correct attack styles
  • Guthan's Warspear now has the correct attack styles
  • Removed the special attack button from all spears that do not have specials (i.e. bronze spear etc)
  • Glod and Ice Queen drops have been fixed, they both will now correctly give loot upon dying
  • When wearing a Ring of Wealth, coins that would normally automatically be picked up will now go to your bank IF you have a full inventory
  • Lowered some of the prices of items in the vote shop (pickaxes, hatchets etc)
  • Removed barrows gloves as a reward from Pest Control
  • Prices of "junk" items dropped by Zulrah have been adjusted, should make it easier to profit more from dry trips
  • Added an all new "A" icon to the client/launcher taskbar to replace the old Traya "T"
  • Fixed not being able to pick up one of the marks of grace on the canafis rooftop course
  • Doors at the range building in the fishing guild now work correctly (you can now access the range, or use the other door to exit the guild)
  • Rune knives now have the correct range level requirement of 40
  • Armadyl helm/chest/legs now have the correct range level requirement of 70
  • Tome of Fire now correctly gives +8 mage attack/defense bonus
  • Added a compost bin at ::dz next to the farming patches
  • Removed one of the easy clue scrolls that did not work when digging at "dig between the ominous stones in falador"
  • Deep wilderness lever added inside the northern altar building in Edge (lever user for part of wilderness diaries)
  • Ultimate Ironman Deposit Box added where the RFD portal used to be, in the Edgeville altar building
  • Donator Rank colors and amounts have been changed around and adjusted a bit:
    • Donator ($20-$49)
    • Super Donator ($50-$99)
    • Extreme Donator ($100-$199)
    • Epic Donator ($200-$499)
    • Legendary Donator ($500-$999)
    • VIP Donator ($1000-$2499)
    • Platinum Donator ($2500+)


WHEW, that was a lot. I hope you guys read through this carefully because there are SO many fixes in here that really positively effect your guys' gameplay! Thank you SO much for all of the recent suggestions and bug reports, the game is slowly but surely becoming more and more polished thanks to your guys determination on reporting all of these! Have a great week all!

Server Update (10/13/20)

Hello everyone! Apologies for the late update, had some irl things going on most of last week. This update includes some new reputation quests as well as more bug fixes. Enjoy!


Bug fixes

  • Fixed pet heron drop rate 
  • The price of EVERYTHING in the in-game Halloween store has been cut in half (making it more achievable to buy everything)
  • Players now have a 1/10 chance of receiving noted pumpkins killing any npc over level 70
  • Krakens now drop noted grimy snapdragon rather than unnoted
  • Lowered the drop rate of getting angler pieces while fishing so they aren't as common
  • Added Ibans staff to the magic store at home
  • All ironman modes can now access the PkP shop
  • Fixed more back-end issues that were causing internal server lag and errors
  • Started laying the groundwork for upcoming boss mechanic changes to be more similar to OSRS (Starting with bosses inside of CoX)
  • Lizardman Shamans inside of CoX have been spaced out more and their attack distance lowered by 1, makes it easier to not have to take on all 3 shamans at once

Reputation Changes

  • New quest lines have been added to Sir Kay and Pentyn
  • Players can continue with the Kebos quest line by speaking with Sir Kay in Edgeville
    • Sir Kay will be sending you into the Chambers of Xeric, so be prepared for a raid!
  • Once completing Sir Kay's latest quest, he will then send you back to Pentyn in Kebos
    • Pentyn will also be sending you into CoX, so again, be prepared for this
  • Players that have reached 8,000+ Reputation with Kebos will now have a 25% chance at getting rare loot in CoX, rather than the normal 5%


I know this post seems like a small update, but believe me, there was a lot of work that went into all of this. I hope you all enjoy! And as a reminder, Halloween Events will end on November 1st, meaning ALL Halloween rewards will no longer be achievable until next year! Best start grinding out those pumpkins now!

Server Update (10/05/20)

Hello everyone! This update is primarily focused around bug fixes and QoL updates that improve your gameplay!

  • Raised the drop rate on all skilling pets, as it was too low before
  • The quest tab has received a revamp! It is now more visually appealing and meant to look less bland, and fixed some spacing issues that existed
  • Diary names will now show as green (similar to quests that you've finished) once you have completed every diary task for that area
  • The quest tab will now automatically update itself every 60 seconds
  • The cape of skulls now correctly shows under Easy clues in the collection log, rather than Elite
  • Fixed an error that caused piety and chivalry to show the incorrect required defense level when attempting to use
  • Abyssal sire will now correctly show up in the slayer helm log
  • When planting mithril seeds, you may no longer plant a seed where one already exists (before, this could essentially be used as a re-roll, intentional or not)
  • "Complete 10 consecutive slayer tasks" in the Morytania diary now works correctly
  • Yew trees inside of ::dz may now be cut, as they were not working before
  • Vet'ion no longer uses his special almost every single time he attacks. It now works as intended, as close to OSRS as possible
  • Fixed a backend process that was saving player files far too often (every 5 minutes), resulting in a bit of lag due to stockpiling of files. It will now save player files every 60 minutes

This is not a huge update by any means, but all of these fixes will definitely improve gameplay! Enjoy all!